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    Should we hire a Caterer?

Parties are held for many reasons – housewarming, engagement, graduation, weddings, office, birthday, indoor, outdoor, costumed and themed – or for absolutely no reason at all.

Hiring a professional caterer to take care of your event is not only time saving and stress-free but by leaving the shopping, slicing, cooking and plating to us, you have time to shine as the host of your event.

No longer do you have to worry about the small stuff. Let the Caterer manage the details while you take time to mingle. Making sure your event goes off without a hitch is part of what we do. After all, “you have enough on your plate – so let us worry about your guests having enough on theirs”.

 There are numerous people in your community that offer catering services, some good some bad. In BC caterers are not allowed to cater out of their home kitchens. 

All food must be prepared in a commercial kitchen. So how can you be sure you are getting what you want? Questions you should ask:

Are all their staff FoodSafe Certified?

Do they have a proper business license?

Are they Insured for Catering?

Do they have Health Department Permits?

Do they have a Certified Commercial Kitchen?

   How does it work? & What does it cost?

The Focus of caterers is "How can I make it happen for you?" For most, this isn't an empty statement. A caterer worth his or her salt (and all the other spices in the spice rack) stands firmly behind this phrase.

After you make contact with a catering firm, the caterer's first job is to figure out what you want and decide how their company can create it for you. This process usually begins with a client-caterer meeting -- sort of like a first date. Whether it happens during the initial phone call or a scheduled appointment, the client services representative wants to get as much information as they can to help them prepare a proposal for you. As a client, you should be ready to answer these questions:

     What is the proposed date and time of the event?

     Is this a social or professional function?

     Do you have a general budget in mind?

     How many guests will attend?

     Do you have an idea of the age range?

     Have you selected a venue or setting?

Of course, depending on the type of function, other questions can (and should) come into conversation. Keep in mind that this initial discussion is critical because it will be the backbone of the caterer's proposal. So, if you have certain ideas in mind, you need to be as explicit as possible.

 One of the biggest mistakes a client can make is to only think about the budget. You also need to explain what you hope to get for that budget. When the caterer understands your budget and your expectations, he or she can figure out if they match-up. If they do, great.

If they don't, then don't worry -- it's not a wash. It just means that it's time for more questions. Remember you're dealing with professionals and they're equipped to help you.

Since each event is different (times, location, type, number of guests, etc) it is hard to accurately quote pricing on our website without the above information. Generally, our dinner menus and services fall in the $20 to $40 range, including staff, menu & service fees. Luncheons fall in the $10 to $15 range. Please contact us for a quote.

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Please contact us

Phone: 250 442 5250


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